SignalR and the Realtime Web

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Авторы: Хансельман Скотт 5 июня 2012 300

SignalR is a new open source library from David Fowler and Damien Edwards on the ASP.NET team. More and more applications include a realtime component like chats and stock tickers. We’ve recently see many new frameworks emerge like socket.io and node.js to solve problems of asynchrony and realtime on the web. You’ve heard of technologies like web sockets, forever frames, long polling and server-sent events. We’ll see how you can easily add SignalR and power realtime techniques to your existing ASP.NET application. What does SignalR build upon and will it scale? There will be lots of code and demos in this technical talk.

Тема доклада Методологии, процессы, инструменты и языки программирования

Теги доклада SignalR, DevCon 12

Ссылки lang Библиотека SignalR и веб в реальном времени

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